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aide giving the elderly in wheelchair some foods

Residential Support Services

Providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals to live and thrive

Residential Support Services are designed to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a safe and comfortable living environment while also supporting them in achieving greater independence and community involvement. There are different levels of residential support services available, each offering a different level of support based on an individual’s needs.

Level 1

This type of service provides minimal support to individuals with disabilities. These services are designed for individuals who are able to live relatively independently but may need occasional assistance with tasks, such as meal preparation or medication management.

Level 2

Second-level services offer more intensive support to individuals with disabilities who require additional assistance with daily living tasks. This level of service is designed for individuals who may have more significant physical or intellectual disabilities and may require assistance with tasks such as personal care, housekeeping, and transportation.


These services use technology to enhance safety and independence for individuals with disabilities. This level of service is designed for individuals who can live relatively independently but may need additional support to ensure their safety and well-being. Technology-assisted services may include remote monitoring systems, assistive technology devices, and other innovative technologies that can help individuals with disabilities live more independently.

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